3 day hoof seminar in Dreamvalley in Norway!

You will be offered lots of knowledge around horse hoofs, keeping, handling and nutrition as well as practical instructions and hoof trim practice amidst powerful norwegian nature.


Date 12. – 14.6. 2020


Seminar times: 10.00 – 17.00, with 1 hour lunch break


Your contribution for 3 days: 325 Euro including tea and coffee during the seminar.


If you want you can book your overnight stay and if you wish vegan food in Dreamvalley. Or you can find a place with higher comfort level in the village 6 km down the road.

Please book your seminar participation and your cottage with tina@dreamvalley.no.

Then you will receive a participation confirmation with more details about the seminar, and a description of how to get here.

We all look forward to inspiring exiting days, a strengthening exchange of experiences and knowledge – and some joyful socially inspiring days for the wealth of our horses.

The team from world wide horse wealth Weltweites Pferdewohl, and Dreamvalley www.dreamvalley.no welcome you




Is my horse too thick? EMS?

What can be done with chronic coughing?

How develops kissing spine?

Does my horse need horse shoes?

Is it possible to avoid trush and scurf?

Is mud a problem for everyone?

Why are special races more exposed to excema, Cushings disease, hoof cancer and founder?

My horse is lame – hoof abscess?


Is founder impossible to heal? For us it is not a problem! What do we do different?

Why has my horse only foundered front hoofs as it is said that founder is created by wrong nutrition???

What does poison our horses truly?

Metabolic diseases – where to they originate from?


Learn about the way the horses organism is built, and why the hoofs of a horse are their hearts? Learn about the relation between the circulatory system, the stable management, the horse behavior and health. We answer all questions to which most do not have satisfying answers.

Learn about the newest research around horses.

We cover central themes that any horse owner will be confronted with either by your own horse or by a horse from the same stable.

Understand in depth what leads to problems and why your horse shows specific symptons. Then you can avoid a lot of problems.

Learn to detect symptoms and remove their cause.



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