The participants will be introduced to a meditative way of being with horses. This may open new doors into spending peaceful time with horses in general, without bringing any agenda to your equine friends. Your perception abilities will be strengthened. You might experience a  new way of observing the herd and different horse personalities. The meditations will be guided while sitting, standing or walking. The horses always have the first choice if they want to participate and connect. Usually they love to spend time with human beings in presence and silence.


meditere med hester / skogskvinner

Maya and Frami


The meditations will happen in the field, in the woods, in wilderness with the herd. We focus on perceiving the world around through the horses’ senses – sight, touch, smell and listening. How do horses breath, and how can we connect with them by our own breathing? How can sounds help us to be more present? What occurs if we join these animals without wanting anything from them?  We may discover a stillness filled with inner joy. When we awaken nature awakens and opens its magic for us.

A day with Tina and her herd costs Kr. 800,- included social preparation of vegan lunch by the campfire. For group- or family price reductions please contact Tina at