In Dreamvalley we have developed a praxis of regular free walks with our 9 headed herd out in the wild. We seldom need to lead a horse on a rope during these free walks. However sometimes we need to intervene in order to provide safety for the horses – or the neighbors property. We give the horses a lot of choices such as:

Where to go? Which direction? At which pace? Where to stop? Where to graze, eat hay or pick herbs?

We accompany the herd and become part of it. We become attuned with nature. We arrive in a special down-to-earth quality of stillness.

Depending on the seasons the walks are very different. During wintertime the horses love to dig after ‘living hay’ under the snow, and sometimes they love to run and play. During spring they are very keen on fresh grass, and may stay on good spots for a long time. Then we collect herbs, take a sketchbook or something else we like to do out in nature. During summertime they may prefer to go up to the mountain farms or the big lake. If it is hot and there are insects they might prefer to stay at home in their outdoor stable and sleep. During autumn the walks can be quite energetic and we may go for longer distances. A free herd walk is very stimulating for both people and horses.




The excursions are a co-creative collaboration between us and the herd. We need to develop our listening skills. When we truly respect their yes and their no they usually are very willing to go into a dialogue with us. This is not a training where we teach the horses to become obedient, this is rather an act of communication.



You are welcome to join us for such an excursion and experience this special connection. Take good shoes, some food for lunch which we usually eat by a camp fire in the woods or mountains. We will cook tea and coffee there.

As this is a collaborative event we can’t guarantee if the horses want to take part in a herd walk that specific day. If that should be the case there is other great stuff we can improvise.

A walk usually begins with a short introduction and meditation at around 12.00 pm , and ends early in the evening. Herd hikes are also available during wintertime. Price for participation is 650.- Nkr. per person including coffee and tea. You do not need previous experience with horses. Hiking shoes are good to take along. Come, join and experience a freedom with horses unknown to most!