Summer week in Dreamvalley / Norway:

Come into inner balance with horses and nature


an unique seminar with horses

26.-31. July 2020


Return to the basic elements – fresh air, clean water, campfires, your feet down on the earth…living in true wilderness…opening your senses!


Learn from, with and about horses – experience the wilderness together with the free herd… meditate and communicate with the horses…


Experience an unique summer week on a beautiful natural mountain farm in Dreamvalley with visual artist Tina Mareen Buddeberg and her 9 headed herd together with animal communicator Natalie Eckert. You will find the authentic but also simple rustique farm sited close to Rondane Nationalpark, with a rough river running through the valley. Experience the breathtaking silence in those natural surroundings. Feel the positive influence of pure nature and the power within yourself returning.


During these adventurous days you will be given the chance to return to your inner balance. Hiking with the herd, cooking food on a campfire, intuitive art sessions, rituals in nature, mindfulness meditations in nature, body awareness exercises as well as being with horses on the ground in total freedom will inspire you to find back to your authentic self.


You will learn basic elemets of animal communication with horses and expand your knowlegde about the natural needs of horses and how to give horses more freedom in everyday life.


Get one with the power of nature & follow your own life’s stream.

Let go of what no longer serves you & perceive your inner self.


The Horses

Tinas herd lives in a unique kind of stable management. The horses move freely on the farm and have constant access to a huge area of wilderness. Discover the inspiring possibilities of half wild horse keeping based on free choice and intact eating instincts! Treated with respect as equal living beings these horses have a special relationship to human beings.

This summer week will give you an unique insight in how horses can share life with people. In the equine world everything is authentic – horses don’t act, they are always honest, pure, grounded and themselves. They can mirror people as no other can. Thus they give you the opportunity to learn more about your self. You will learn how to interact with horses by body language and in telepathic contact. You’ll become aware of the horses and your own body expressions. You will be given the opportunity to learn more about yourself. The horses (9 icelandics and one arab) are friendly with people respecting their need for individual space. Minding your own space you will have the opportunity to work on your inner balance in order to encounter them. We will be with the horses on the ground only. The horses are always free to decide where to go. Riding or groundwork are not part of this seminar. You do not need previous experience with horses.


The site

Life in Dreamvalley is simple and close to nature. You will be living in a mongolian yurt og a wooden cottage. The rooms will be shared with maximum 2 other participants. You can take a shower in our outdoor shower installation by a creek, and you can cook your own coffee and tea in our outdoor kitchen. Maybe you even can take a swim in the river Atna. We will be cooking inside the main house or by a campfire. Vegan meals are enjoyed outdoors, or indoors in the old farmhouse depending on weather and temperature. There exists an outdoor toilet in the old barn. A spacious art gallery in the second floor of the barn serves as a beautiful space for the body awareness sessions should it be too cold outdoors. In our mongolian tents small wooden stoves give you the opportunity to make yourself a fire. If you have special needs or questions: take contact with Have a look at


The Week Program

A basic life in nature in simple shelter.

Daily shared vegan meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Optional mindfulness meditaton at the start of the day and yoga sessions in the evening.

Spare time to explore the farm and the wilderness.


Two course sessions each day:

  • guided mindfulness meditations with the horses
  • Intuitive drawing and painting with visual artist Tina
  • Animal Communication sessions with Animal Communicator Natalie
  • Shamanic rituals in nature, spirit communication and animal power


One whole day excursion in the wilderness:

Hiking with 9 horses and yourself as an integrated part of the herd in wilderness, spend some time in silence in nature, lunch at the campfire and shamanic ritual in nature.


The Week Will Be Guided By:

Tina Mareen Buddeberg

visual artist who is owner and creator of the relational artwork & and site Dreamvalley


and Natalie Eckert,

animal communicator and shamanic healer for animals and humans.


Date: 26.-31. July 2020

Price: 980.– Euro inclusive stay and daily vegan meals

Site: Dreamvalley, Sollia, Norway

minimum 5, maximum 9 participants

spoken languages English, German, Norwegian


If you want to sign in for this unique summer week in Norway please contact Tina Buddeberg at

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