Become a helping hand in Dreamvalley!

Dreamvalley is regularly looking for helpers, who want to spend at least 2 months or more with Tina and her 9 headed herd. Depending on the season life with the horses on a mountain farm is very different as the weather is having a great influence on our daily routines: feeding, mucking, making or fetching hay and firewood, Yoga, meditating, Art making, vegan cooking, household, natural hoof care, working on the farm and moving the herd are all repeating elements of typical Dreamvalley life. As the farm is sited very remote you can experience a sort of freedom up here that is difficult to find in more colonized areas.





The way the horses are handled follows the philosophy of Being with Horses (www.beingwithhorses.eu), and Tina is herself a student, not a teacher, of this amazing path with the horses. The stable management follows the ways of academia liberty (www.academialiberty.de).You need to like to be alone sometimes, when Tina has to leave for an art project. You need to be fit enough to manage the physical works and hiking with the herd. You should qualify for outdoor life also during wintertimes. You will also find time for your own projects.

Most helpers live either in the circus wagon or in the upper room of the old norwegian storehouse. Both rooms have electricity, in the circus wagon you even have a small fire stove. But mind – life is very basic and simple in Dreamvalley!

You do not pay rent but you have to pay for your living expenses – food, electricity, firewood, internet. For 2019/2020 this is an amount of Kr. 200,- per day. You have also the option of making your own food, then living expenses are reduced to Kr. 120,- daily. Then you would buy your own food in addition.
Read more about the possibilities and expectations of becoming a helping hand in Dreamvalley here: PDF reamvalley work 2018