Date: 17 – 19 July 2020



In Norway Tina Buddeberg organizes the next workshop: in Dreamvalley/Rondane

Please ask for other costs for horses and the places where you can stay and sleep.

Friday 15.00 – 19.00 o´clock  ( sa and su with two breaks) sa 10-19 o´clock, su 10 -17 o´clock

Prize 400 € tarif with horsePrize 300 € tarif without horse

The lunch break lasts 2 hours both on saturday and on sunday. There is space for maximum 6 participants with horse, and for 12 without.
Prices: for participants with a horse: 400 Euro
for participants without horse: 300 Euro
Payment has to be transferred directly to Sabines website on, and the booking procedure there has to be followed.
The course will be conducted in english and translated into norwegian if necessary.
Sabine Birmann will lead the course.
Contact Tina Buddeberg på 62464055/99 48 35 57 eller på


Welcome Dear Horsefriends

“Being with horses …” is not a method. It allows instead our own perception and awareness to recover and improve. With it comes a new point of view regarding the behaviour and communication between horses and humans. Horses and humans are beings with highly developed social skills. They are able to communicate and enter into  a relationship with each other which can eventually grow into real friendship and is based on mutual respect and dignity.

Primarily we enable humans to improve their perception and outlook enabling a subtle mutual communication with horses. We teach how to look closely at what a horse is telling us with its facial expression, its behaviour and its body signals. This way we are able to recognise what it is feeling, what kind of personality it has and what it needs in its current situation to feel comfortable

In apprehending the horse, we can answer it in a way it is able to understand. We do not degrade the horse into a subordinate being, but we strive to make it a coequal social partner.  The horse may then imitate us (if it perceives us as an interesting or important being) or reflect our own behaviour with its reactions. With time and growing awareness we will be able to notice what the horse is telling us and where and how we stand in our relationship with the horse. It is not about functioning, like learning recallable tricks, or dressage. It is all about our intention to develop.

Inevitably the horse brings us to the point where we have to decide if we are willing to let go of ambitions, wanting-to-be-good, possessiveness, perfection and the longing for power and control.

Gradually, by letting go of expectations, we attain a state of being here and now. Some of us may even attain, with the help of a horse, a spiritual level: “to be” …

Yours sincerely,

Sabine and Dan Birmann


Any workshop registration in written form is considered to be binding! Depositing 50 % of the workshop fee within 10 days secures the participation.The rest of the fee is due on the start of the workshop. By your written registration you will additionally receive a message, telling you, if your workshop participation is possible and also your confirmation of participation. For intensive workshops, you will also receive a letter with informations. In case of overbooking, we will immediatly reverse the full amount. For basic workshops, the full workshop fee becomes due in any case, if you did not cancel 28 days before the start of the workshop. If we should have to cancel any workshop, your full workshop fee will be reversed.

You can transfer your workshop fee to the following account:

Account in Germany:

for books and workshops:

Bank: Volksbank Südniedersachsen
Account owner: Sabine Birmann


for goods:

Bank: Volksbank Solling eG
Account Owner: Daniel Birmann

IBAN:DE89 2626 1693 0014 3499 00


The workshop organisators and -instructors take no responsibility for damage on persons, animals or objects.  The participation on the workshops is at one’s own risk. For neglect of duty we and our staff members will only be liable for compensation when charged for acting purposefully or gross negligence.

Participants with horse have to present to the organisator a current certificate of health from their general veterinary to prevent communicable diseases. The horse needs to have a liability insurance.


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