Find your artistic language.

Come and attend an inspiring drawing and painting course in Dreamvalley this summer! You are welcome to devote time to your own creativity.

Tina Mareen Buddeberg will conduct the seminar. She has many years of experience in art education, for example from her four-year job as head teacher at the Art School ‘Strykejernet’ in Oslo. Tina is a professional visual artist and lives from her art. She is educated at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. Graduating as a visual artist in 1996 she is now living as part of her own relational art work Dreamvalley. Tina’s visual style is both narrative and authentic, based on an accurate observation of nature. You can see her current artwork at Art gallery Dreamvalley on Facebook, and at



Animals and plants – horses and sheep, river and forest, mountains and cultural landscapes: simply wonderful outdoor areas are available to the participants. Painting easels and a large gallery room in the barn are at your disposition. At lunch we gather around a campfire and eat our lunch packages, discuss art and enjoy life. Take your own food for lunch. Coffee and Tea will be provided.

What will the participants learn specifically?
On Saturday, participants will learn how drawing is anchored within the body. Participants will have the opportunity to discover which drawing technique they feel more at home with by experimenting with charcoal, pencil drawing, ink, water, chalk and mixed media. Each of the participants will be introduced to the following elements: sky, clouds, water, stream and river, flowers, grass, mountains and various species of trees. Participants will find out if they feel most attracted to working directly in front of nature, or in their studio after having observed nature. They will take home drawings both from working naturalistically in nature, and from painting after their own imagination.

On Sundays, participants will be introduced into painting animals and landscapes. They will be guided into the techniques of pastel and oil painting. An awareness about the function of details in the entirety of an image will be developed. Different ways of building a landscape will be conveyed. Then it’s up to each individual if he wants to immerse himself in pastel painting or oil painting.

Tina will launch an artistic process in you, which you will be able to take along. Are you tempted? Take the chance to learn something, do something new, something creative and different! Something that gives you power and energy, vitality and inspiration! The course builds on from Saturday to Sunday. It is therefore recommended to attend both days, but this is not a necessity.

Price: A drawing and painting course in Drømmedalen costs Kr. 950.- per day including materials, coffee and tea. You can also book your participation at a Dreamvalley Art seminar at

Course participants can spend the night in one of the many cabins / accommodations available for rent in Sollia. They can also camp in Dreamvalley with a more simple lifestyle, with an outdoor bathroom.

Read more: life in Dreamvalley or find Dreamvalley on air.bnb. Also check out the Art gallery Dreamvalley and the Dreamvalley page on facebook.

Target group:
The course is suitable for all levels, beginners and advanced, at least 4 and max 9 participants. Individual guidance, as well as group feedback, is part of the learning process. Children from 9 years of age and up can attend.

Maybe you have any further questions? Contact Tina at, or call Tina after 20:00 in the evenings.