Find your artistic language.

In a mindful and playful way you will be guided through different drawing and painting exercises. Mindfulness meditations will be used for focus and concentration. There exists no right and wrong – this seminar aims at finding out about your very personal path of art making. You will be asked to let go of your inner judging voices. The mindful painting and drawing exercises can help you to become more free and paint from the heart. Who are you as a painter? What is your authentic line? In which way would you like to express yourself visually? How can you access your very own creative visual language? You may experience a new sense of joy when playing with lines, colors, rhythms and images. Tina will offer you different means of expression. You will create drawings and paintings by the help of charcoal, china ink, dry pastels, oil colors and aquarelle. You have the opportunity to work from your own imagination as well as by observing nature and animals. The first weekend aims at discovering and developing your own expression. You can then come back for new drawing- and painting weekends in order to deepen and build on what you experienced in these first two days with Tina.




Tina has been teaching for 4 years at Strykejernet art school, a preparatory school for art students in Oslo. She studied in Munich, Germany, in Austria and at the highschool Statens Kunstakademi in Oslo. Graduating as a visual artist in 1996 she is now living as part of her own relational art work Dreamvalley.

Take your own food for our relaxing lunch breaks by a fire place in Dreamvalley. Coffee and Tea will be provided. A drawing and painting seminar in Dreamvalley costs Nkr. 800.- per day. You will be provided with a list about which art materials you should bring. Some of the materials will be provided. You can either come for the day and spend the night at one of Sollia’s many cottages – or you can stay in Dreamvalley for the night with a more simple life style. Take contact with Tina for planning your weekend art seminar in Dreamvalley!