A relational work of art.

Dreamvalley is a living piece of art. By entering it’s gates you become part of the relationships between this authentic place, its surrounding nature, inspiring people and the herd of nine horses. The days here are filled with simple, reasonable activities connected to the earth. What matters is learning with and from nature, timelessness, positive joy and inner freedom.



Dreamvalley is the outcome of a long story. 

I was born and grew up in Munich, Germany. In 1997 I moved to Sollia, a little idyllic mountain village south-east of the Rondane mountains. I am an artist and received my education at the National Art Academy in Oslo, Norway, from 1992 to 1998. I have been working as a professional visual artist since 1996.


I reflect on the question if art can change our view of nature. If art is actually able to change our ecological values?  

In my work I reflect on the question if art can change our view of nature, our ecological values and eventually our lifestyles. Next to commission works, exhibitions and teaching at different art schools, I understand Dreamvalley itself as my most distinctive project. Interaction and relations between people, animals and nature are the core around which I develop my artistic language and this place. The project is carried by a critical position towards the anthropocentric world view and the seperational attitude of humans superior to nature, causing enormous ecological and climatic damages. I believe that change can only happen from within and through experiencing alternative values such as interbeing, stillness, slowness, and timelessness. This is why Dreamvalley as an relational artwork invites everybody to participate in their very own way. We learn a more sensitive and clear perception through being with horses and doing visual art, we experience the meaning of community through joint activities in nature, cooking or sitting around the campfire, we focus on our body through yoga and meditation, and we enjoy good vegan food. In addition to these everyday activites I arrange seminars, artistic events, courses and exhibitions with themes relevant to the project. Artists are invited for an artist-in-residence program ‘Dreamvalley life’, and I regularly hold artists talks at different institutions. In all these ways Dreamvalley questions the prevalent cultural habits of our times and encourages people to follow their own dreams and contribute positively to the world.



 Being with horses. 

Academia Liberti. Al Logo

Since 2017 Dreamvalley is under the patronage of academia liberti: we keep the horses outdoors all year round and look for ways to provide them with living conditions as close as possible to the specific needs of the species. We trust our horses intact eating instincts – they are offered a mineral and a herbal bar so they can choose themselves which minerals, herbs and vitamins they need for their health. The hoofs are trimmed following Academia Libertis integral hoof care wisdom. They have access to dry hay all year around and are offered a lot of space for grazing.

My dream is to develop a true and deep friendship with horses, so all activities are based on free will. It takes time to develop a refined feeling for the personality of each horse and to understand its language. Mutual respect without the use of dominance and pressure is what makes it possible to have a two-way dialogue with the horse. One needs to let go of preconceived ideas, pressure on oneself, wanting to be perfect. One has to open up, to become trustworthy from the inside. The horse waits for us until we have become clear in our expression. The horse acts as our mirror and reflects even our most subtle changes. By developing an honest relationship, the experience of inner and outer freedom becomes possible. It is not about expectation – it is about being. Being with horses.



By working with the crossover of connecting to animals and developing an artistic language, we are able to create new and innovative models for interacting with nature.  

A network of Dreamvalley friends has formed since it was founded back in 2006. We believe the world needs good examples as much as profound information. Influencing people to listen closer to nature, to engage in eco-art projects and to reflect their cultural habits has a long term effect. Change can only happen from within, not by dominance and revolution. We are nature and we are more similar than different to our fellow earth habitants – the animals. We can learn from them to grow spiritually. If we change our perception we may change our unconscious ways of communicating with them. In order to meet our times’ challenges regarding the climate we need to replace consumer habits with something else that gives us a greater fulfillment. In Dreamvalley we practice mindfulness meditation and slow forms of yoga. It teaches us to listen to our own nature, to the body and to the activities of the mind. Instead of being slaves of our thoughts we can become aware of each moment, leading to a greater compassion and joy. We eat vegan food.

We encourage people to follow their own dreams and to listen to their hearts. How could each of us contribute positively to the world and become a responsible earth habitant.


Dreamvalley’s artists residency has a green profile. Visiting artists in the program will experience the relational work of art Dreamvalley – a living site with visitors, working students and friends who want to explore a more sustainable form of life with vegan food and lower carbon foot prints. To relate art and ecology with one another explores our relationship to nature in multiple ways.

Visiting artists will experience a close interbeingness with a semi-wild horse herd and with the surrounding nature. They will live in an environment where growing and collecting of herbs, free herd excursions, slowness, stillness, earthboundedness and yoga/mindfulness meditations are daily praxis.This will give artists an unique option to challenge their everyday life styles at home and relate towards nature on a different level.

Accomodation and work options: The artists will live in simple cottages with a wooden stove and electricity. Food will be prepared together in the farmhouse or in an outdoor kitchen. A mountain farm with a simple working space in the barn is offered as a great possibility for a complete retreat. The guest artists will also have their own working table in the studio as well as access to a workshop with some hand tools. ‘Stor-Elvdal Fellesverksted for Treskulptur og Innovativt Arkitektur’ is sited in the same village for those who want to work in bigger scales. The farm has no car, but a quad for driving to a local shop once or twice a week. The option of exhibiting in Art Gallery Dreamvalley, and an art workshop for children and young people are part of the program.

This program is designed for all professional artists. However, artists who work with green values, ecology, relationship to nature or climate will be prioritized.

Time schedule:
The artists resicency program in Dreamvalley is designed for one year at a time beginning every autumn (15.08). Invited artists are expected to stay in Dreamvalley at least for four weeks throughout their asigned year.

Deadline for applications: 1. july 2020

Start of program: 15. august 2020

Contact for more info: Tina Mareen Buddeberg at tina@dreamvalley.no
About Sollia http://www.sollia.net

Telephone: 004762464055 / 004799483557
Adress: Finnstadveien 492, 2477 Sollia

The program is being financially supported by INNLANDFYLKET.